Ilko Nikolchev's Sculpures

One of the most important considerations in my work is to make sculptures as synchronized with the surrounding environment as possible. Usually, this is provoked by the influence, which the concrete place exerts on me – its architecture, its nature, its culture, the way of life of those who would interact with it.

This process usually leads to the harmonious co-existence of al the above elements and the artistic work. In the last few years stone has become the main means with which I work. I consider it the most suitable material whereby I express visually my creative quests.

What I wish to reach in my work with stone is to remain in harmony with it. My interacting with a particular piece of stone is also essential to the final result. I want to decipher its inner life and extract my own meaning out of it, interfereing with its nature as little as possible but making the most of its power and soul.

Ilko Nikolchev

Ilko nikolchev sculpture
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